• Deadline for voter registration and party changesJuly 20, 2020
  • Register to Vote Online - Here
  • Update Voter Registration - Here
  • Request a VOTE BY MAIL Ballot - Here or call (386) 792-1426
  • You may use our Vote by Mail DROP BOX to return your voted ballot.  The drop box is located just outside the Courthouse Annex entrance, where the elections office is located.  The secure drop box is under 24-hour surveilance and is checked daily.
  • Early Voting August 8 - 15 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. @ the Supervisor of Elections Office, 1153 US Hwy. 41 NW, Suite 1, Jasper, FL
  • View Primary Election Sample Ballots:
         Republican Sample Ballot
         Democratic Sample Ballot
         Nonpartisan Sample Ballot

Precinct 2 - Jasper Courthouse voting location will be temporarily relocated across the road to the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall for the 2020 Primary and General elections.  The address is 207 2nd St NE, Jasper.  This move should help with social distancing on Election Day to ensure the health and safety of our voters and poll workers. 

For in-person voting, voters are encouraged to follow the latest CDC guidelines and be mindful of others.  Face masks will not be required, but are recommended.  Cloth face masks will be available at voting locations.

Para solicitar que su boleta de votación por correo se proporcione en español, comuníquese con la Oficina de Elecciones del Condado de Hamilton: (386) 792-1426 o

Florida is a Closed Primary Election State
Only voters who are registered members of political parties may vote for respective party candidates or nominees for an office in a primary election including a presidential preference primary election. A person can register with a party or change his or her party affiliation at any time but in order to vote for a party candidate in an upcoming primary election, the person must register with that party or change his or her party by the registration deadline for that primary election. See section 97.055, Fla. Stat.

However, there are times when all registered voters can vote in a primary election, regardless of which major or minor political party they are registered or even if they are registered without a specific party affiliation:

  1. If all the candidates for an office have the same party affiliation and the winner of the primary election will not face any opposition in the general election (i.e. no write-in candidates have qualified), then all registered voters can vote for any of the candidates for that office in the primary election.
  2. If races for nonpartisan (i.e., free from party affiliation) judicial and school board offices, nonpartisan special districts or local referendum questions are on the primary election ballot, then all registered voters, including those without party affiliation are entitled to vote those races on the ballot.

At a general election, all registered voters receive the same ballot and may vote for any candidate or question on the ballot. If there are write-in candidates who have qualified for a particular office, a space will be left on the ballot where their name can be written.


You can now check your Voter Status Information online. 

From here you can:
· Make changes to your voter registration information
· Request an Absentee Ballot
· Check the status of your absentee ballot
· View sample ballots when available
·  View your polling place and get directions
· View office holders
· View statistics about your precinct.


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