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2020 Election Dates

Presidential Preference Primary:  March 17, 2020

Primary Election:  August 18, 2020

General Election:  November 3, 2020

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Amendment No. 4  - Voting Restoration
Fact Sheet


You can now check your Voter Status Information online. 

From here you can:
· Make changes to your voter registration information
· Request an Absentee Ballot
· Check the status of your absentee ballot
· View sample ballots when available
·  View your polling place and get directions
· View office holders
· View statistics about your precinct.

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The Hamilton County Supervisor of Elections will consistently conduct fair, honest and accurate elections.  We will assist the citizens of Hamilton County to become better informed about voting and be better prepared to participate in the democratic process.  We will apply the highest ethical standards, integrity and professionalism, and avoid even the appearance of impropriety.  We will proactively seek to improve the election experience in Florida.