Becoming a Candidate

State law sets out the procedures for running for office at the municipal, county or state level. If you want to run for a municipal office or a county-wide office, the County Supervisor of Elections will guide you. For state-wide and multi-county districts, you would qualify with the Division of Elections in Tallahassee.



  • You must be a registered voter in Hamilton County to run for local public office.

  • You must file with the Supervisor of Elections office a Form DS-DE 9, which provides for an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository. This must be filed before opening a campaign account and no contributions are to be received and no expenditures made, or authorizing another to accept contributions or make expenditures on the candidate's behalf.

    This form states:
    (1) the office you are running for (including seat or district #),
    (2) your political party affiliation (except candidates for Judges and School Board Members),
    (3) what bank your campaign account is (or will be) in, and
    (4) who your treasurer is (it can be yourself).

  • Within 10 days after filing Form DS-DE 9, each candidate must fileStatement of Candidate Form DS-DE 84(Judicial Candidates DS-DE 83) indicating you have received, readand understand the requirements of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.

  • File periodicalcampaign treasurer's reports outlined in chapter 106.07, Florida Statutes

  • Meet specific legal requirements regarding campaign advertising and campaign financing.


is the Alternative Method for payment of the qualifying fee. (99.095, 00.0955, 99.096, 99.0965, 99.09651, & 99.097, F.S.)The petition process begins January 1, 2014 (after filing DS-DE 9,Appointment of Campaign Treasurer) for all candidates. Our office plans a 48-hour turnaround on printing petitions for local candidates.Petitions:


are provided by Supervisor of Elections Office,


must be properly completed and signed by 1% of voters eligible to sign petition (only single member district restrictions apply), and


must be submitted for verification no later than noon of the 21st day preceeding the first day of qualifying. There is a fee of 10 cents per name for verifying signatures, which must be paid upon submission of petitions, or the candidate may file an undue burden oath to waive the cost of verification.

NOTE: If the candidate is unable to collect the required number of valid signatures, he or she may still pay the qualifying fee.


is the final step that allows a candidate to be on the ballot and occurs at the Supervisor of Elections Office beginning at noon, 50 days prior to the date of the first primary and ends at noon on the 46th day prior to the date of the first primary (99.012, 99.021, 99.061, 99.062, F.S.). For judicial candidates qualifying begins at noon of the 120th day and continues through noon of the 116th day prior to the primary election (105.031, 105.035, 105.036).

The candidate must fill out:


Financial Disclosure Form 6


Candidate Oath: State and Local Partisan Office - DS-DE301SL, Nonpartisan Office - DS-DE302NP, Judicial Office - DS-DE303JU, or School Board Nonpartisan Office - DS-DE304SB 



pay qualifying fee (6% of annual salary for partisan; 4% of annual salary for non-partisan Constitutional, County Commission, City Commission, or School Board candidates; or $25 for Water Conservation District Supervisor Candidates),or have petitions certified.

Candidates who do not complete the qualifying process by noon of the 46th day (noon of the 116th day for judicial candidates) prior to the first primary WILL NOT be on the ballot!

Candidates for Hamilton County Offices qualify and file campaign reports with:

Hamilton County Supervisor of Elections

1153 US Hwy 41 NW, Suite 1

Jasper, Florida 32052

(386) 792-1426

Fax (386) 792-3205

NOTE:If 2 or more non-partisan candidates qualify for the same office they will be on the Primary Election Ballot. Should no candidate receive 50% plus 1 vote, the top two candidates would move to the General Election. If only two candidates are on the Primary ballot, the successful candidate wins the seat, that is, unless there is a write in candidate.